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Finding vegan-friendly restaurants can be quite the mission, let alone if you're abroad and have to face a language barrier as you try to explain your dietary needs But going on holiday doesn't have to mean sticking to side salads

In fact, there are destinations where a plant-based diet is the norm, or you'll at least get a pretty impressive selection to choose from To give you a helping hand, we take a look at some of the best holiday destinations for vegans, whether you're after a city break or want to travel around a country for a few weeks Check out our top picks below 1 India Although vegetarianism reigns supreme in India, there are plenty of vegan dishes on offer too It's mainly dairy that proves to be a big hurdle, but you'll find plenty of curries that are made with coconut milk, as well as vegan-friendly starters and rice and vegetable dishes It's worth noting that a vegan offering is easier to find in the bigger towns and cities – if you're travelling to some more remote parts, you may want to get in touch ahead of time in case you need to come prepared 2

Austin, Texas Texas may not have the most vegan-friendly reputation, but Austin delivers Once hailed by PETA as one of the world's most vegan-friendly cities, you'll find a plethora of restaurants which cater to plant-based diets, as well as smaller caf├ęs and eateries if you're looking for a light bite or food on the go Meanwhile the annual VegFest is a must-visit, showcasing the best of veganism including the benefits it offers for health, the environment, and animal welfare Not to mention all the local eateries and food vendors which step out so you can sample some seriously mouthwatering dishes 3

Chiang Mai, Thailand Thailand tends to be a pretty vegan-friendly place, but foodies have often praised Chiang Mai for the sheer amount of choice it offers in terms of plant-based dishes Expect everything from farm-to-table offerings to burger joints, salad bars, street food stalls and local hotspots TripAdvisor has a handy guide to the best rated vegan restaurants in Chiang Mai 4 Portland, Oregon Portland probably needs to go on every vegan's bucket list – but you may even end up wanting to move there

For a start, the city boasts a vegan mall packed with delicious offerings from fresh food to packaged goods (you may want to bring an extra suitcase), not to mention there's generally a pretty epic vegan dining scene Even if you go to a non-vegan restaurant, chances are there'll be plenty on the menu for you to choose from Oh, and if you're looking for cheap accommodation, then you may want to consider some of the vegan-friendly B&Bs on offer too! 5 New York The Big Apple has one of the world's most diverse foodie scenes, so it's no surprise that you won't struggle to find places that cater to your dietary needs Then of course there are all the iconic sights to check out as well as fun quirky alternative attractions

Never been? Check out our top tips for visiting on a budget 6 Costa Rica Costa Rican foods tend to be rice and vegetable based, while locals often cook using fresh ingredients only, meaning you can double check what you're eating is vegan-friendly Some of the traditional dishes are served up with dairy counterparts but these can often easily be taken out, meaning you don't have to face an awkward explanation of all the things you need to change in a dish Oh, and for an extra dose of inspiration, check out our round-up of the best things to see and do in Costa Rica

7 Vancouver Vancouver boasts an impressive range of vegan eateries no matter what sort of cuisine you're after, from delicious cakes and pastries to fish-free sushi Think pretty brunch spots, bustling restaurants and street food options for those days where you just need something on the go 8 Singapore Renowned for the cornucopia of international cuisines to be found in its restaurants and bars, it's no surprise that Singapore can be a great spot for vegan diets

In fact, there are plenty of foods and dishes on offer you might not easily find elsewhere; vegan ice cream, vegan pizza, curries, dumplings, burgers our mouths are starting to water just thinking about it Check out our guide to best restaurants in Singapore if you need a starting point

9 San Francisco San Francisco's dining scene offers plenty of variety, so even if you're not in a vegan-focused eatery, chances are you'll have a choice on the menu of yummy dishes you can actually eat There are brunch spots, fast food joints, burger bars, and fine dining options – and bonus points with plenty also catering if you happen to be gluten free as well! Check out TripAdvisor's guide to the best rated vegan restaurants in San Francisco you won't want to miss 10 Kuala Lumpur You'll find plenty of organic dishes, natural health food stores and clean eating restaurants tucked away throughout Kuala Lumpur, many of which include vegan-friendly options

Where you may struggle is finding eateries which are exclusively vegan – but most places do cater to plant-based diets and happily accommodate if there is something you want from the menu