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Everyone has a dream of walking abroad People want to get abroad once a year and go shopping there

Share your new photos on a social media account, but when you think about the budget, you make a plan to roam somewhere in Shimla, Manali or Goa We are going to tell you some country where you can easily travel There are also some countries where you can travel without worrying about the budget Guys, if you didn’t ever subscribe our channel, please subscribe the same and click on bell icon so that whenever we upload new video, it can be shown in your notification Bhutan Bhutan will not take more than 9 thousand of tickets to come

The expenses of the stay will be Rs 1500 The food of choice will be found in up to Rs 100, though the budget may be a bit less and higher, so take some more money from the budget Sri Lanka You will spend about Rs 11,000 to 12,000 from Chennai to come Sri Lanka There will be a one-night stay of Rs 1000 and the spending will not be more than 400 per day Malaysia Malaysia is very beautiful place

Here you will have to pay 10 thousand rupees to travel Also every day will cost around Rs 600 There will be delicious food in Rupees 300 If you love shopping, you’ll need to put aside money Singapore Everybody has hobby to roam in Singapore

Let’s tell you the ticket will be in the 16000 thousand bucks Affordable facility is available at hostels for stay here The daily cost is Rs 1500 In 500 rupees you can eat delicious food from the Hawker Centre

Maldive Maldives is everyone’s dream place The expense of moving and coming here will be up to Rs 20000 thousand You have to spend Rs 1500 to stay in the night at guest house here You will get good food at Rs 200 in the restaurants That’s all in this video

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