Top 3 Travel Destinations – Vacation Impossible

I'm curious what everyone's top three travel destinations are I'll give you a moment to think about that while I answer because I see y'all pondering even though I sent them the topics in advance my top three is number one choice is Atlantis particularly the water park this is on Paradise Island in Nassau The Bahamas it's expensive and it's worth every penny it's one of the few places on earth that is better than the commercials commercials normally you know they shoot in a fish eye lens to make it all look big and you know it's only pristine and with beautiful people and all the stuff I saw those commercials and I went there and it was better than the commercials made it look so plentiful floaties where are you gonna get that in a water park so for me Atlantis is number one number two is El Cid Marina Resort in Mazatlan I love it it's got my first ever swim up bar it's got multiple pools included food and drinks and there's a water taxi that takes you from two sides of the resort and on one side if you go outside the resort area you could do parasailing for an extra forty dollars us which was an amazing experience and then I guess my number three spot would have to be pretty much any any cruise get yourself on a boat if you're on a ship Get on a ship, sorry but yeah get yourself on a ship pretty much any cruise I mean honorable mentions to lovely places like London Paris and Las Vegas but honestly for my money I like these things largely because they're so stress free because they're all-inclusive that you don't have to do a lot of work to go you can just go and that is I don't know as I get into my old age it's something I appreciate more and more

I think for me it would be Germany specifically Munich and stein I have family that lives there I've gone to Munich probably about half a dozen times or so in my life I haven't been in a really long time and I've been feeling last year or so I have been really really really nostalgic for it as you can I was even kind of waxing poetic about it last night at dinner and after that Honduras because I get to see sloths I was thinking of putting it on my list and I was like Mind's gonna have this Yeah It'll be mentioned And like Roatan it's a really nice island honestly and if you don't a huge fan of sidewalks it's for you

You know the port the Carnival port specifically is a really really nice port I haven't been to the Royal Colombian, uh, Caribbean so I can't speak to that one Well they messed it up not too long ago as I understand it ship crashed right into it Right Yeah I couldn't speak to, I've never been but uh it's not high on my list right now, I don't know if they fixed it up yet I've yet to have a negative experience at Roatan granted I've only been twice but they've both experiences have impressed me immensely I had a good time there in the rain and I look and you know the first time we my sister and I went to see monkeys and toucans and black iguanas that you can only see in Roatan

We've got videos of the monkeys And this last time we went to see more monkeys and sloths and which was like a lifelong dream of mine and I kind of almost went full-on Kristen Bell videos coming soon And it's actually really cute because my mom was getting so emotional over me getting emotional which is making me more emotional it's very very CUTE moment actually I think that specific moment was probably my favorite moment of the whole thing and then and then I think my third one will be Orlando as a whole Orlando's lovely Orlando's great there's port Canaveral close by which is Yea, that's awesome The last time we went to Orlando we were fortunate enough to actually see a shuttle launch which was it was a satellite launch

Indescribable it was Satellite launch It was a satellite launch, yea, it was absolutely it was, it was indescribable the sound it was just pure power and it was and you know universal studios is so much fun I absolutely love it and we went to the Sleuths Sleuths which is probably one of my favorite restaurants mind it's this wonderful mystery dining experience and the

Dinner theater Dinner theater and the acting is fantastic and then we got to got to go to NASA and we got to see the VAB which is like the biggest of big buildings yeah that's for height and that's and we weren't able to go inside but we got to see it And once again like you can describe how large it is and you can see how large it is but you still have no concept of how large it is it's so big that weather forms inside the building because it is so large Yea, it has it's own weather patterns Because you have to think about they have to build shuttles they have to build the shuttles in there so it has to be large enough for shuttle to fit in and get out

Yea, including the booster and so it's uh yeah so I think those are probably be my top three Jon have you ever seen a satellite launch no it is it is just like the end of the inner light Really? It freaked me right the hell out brilliant is definitely one of the words I would use Yea, it was bright So my top three yeah the UK I love London I knew you'd put London on the list that's why I didn't waste one of my spots on it These are in no particular and of all the spots I've been to in Europe, I liked London the most

London is really nice It felt like home I call it the dessert of Europe yeah then but of course my leanings go to more exotic side going to the other side of the pond Singapore I would love to go to Singapore Sam's going was an amazing time So jealous

The place is huge the food is outstanding Yea, I bet And the culture is amazing laws a little bit draconian yeah well that's the word but I don't I don't exactly mind that because I'm not a huge law breaker anymore Anymore Anymore

I like that qualifier And the last one on the list is Dubai yeah I knew you'd say Dubai Yea Dubai is like unlike any place I've ever been ever it's such a unique place to be even just you like you can spend part of your morning you know dune buggying through the desert and smoking shisha with camels and then your afternoon skiing down an indoor manmade ski hill and then spend late afternoon racing supercars around a track The Ferrari world yeah and then spend your night at a movie theater with a regular North American english movie you know I'm surprised you didn't mention the Wild Wadi waterpark yeah, yea that's another thing too

Cuz you've talked about it many times Yeah Wild Wadi waterpark is That's the one I think in the world that might take down Atlantis like I would love to do a head-to-head comparison of that one day yeah the Wild Wadi waterpark was pretty amazing it's beside that seven star hotel that looks like a like a giant sail sail okay and it's man you don't you don't go down slides you go up them Atlantis has that

There's lazy rivers everywhere those slides you can run the park that way they give you wristbands that you could load on with with money yeah so throughout the park there's places where you can get refreshments you can you know rent different types of equipment if you want to go you know snorkeling around they have a huge wave pool there and you just you know swipe your you little wristband and when I was there they were new they were just introducing them so they said everybody who tries it gets tickets to a movie oh nice for the beta test yeah so I tried it it worked any money left over at the end of the day they just give back to you yeah that's pretty common yeah it's similar to the sail sign card on Carnival cruise ships I mean there was literally no negatives for me doing this and I want to see a movie that night Perfect So I saw Spider Man awesome which spider-man the first because it was new then okay It was 2002, right

sure sure just making sure it wasn't three yeah cuz then it was like you got a raw deal It was the first one I want, I want my free movie ticket backAnd at the time it was amazing Yea

That sounds like a lot of fun Dubai and Singapore both places I absolutely want to check out especially Singapore I should say that Singapore won out in my mind for the Asian cities only narrowly over Hong Kong and Tokyo really?