Top 3 Tips for Destination Marketers | Travel Thought Leaders

My top three tips for destinations looking to market would be: One, to make sure that they're spending on things that are trackable and things that they can actually count, being arrivals and having those insights to really validate their campaigns I think the second one is having really strong content marketing that can intersect that technology and personalized inspiration intersection

That's a really important part of what a destination needs to do, again, based on what we're seeing on path to purchase – we have a really awesome report, called a customer profile report, which we can actually show them when somebody hits their website, what did they do prior to hitting their website – did they book a hotel, did they book an airline, did they book a car rental, and then what did they do after The third is making sure what you're buying is actually driving incremental visitation and what I mean by that there's a lot of false positives that are happening out in the market – tends to happen a larger website – so if somebody is on a on a website and they're looking at attractions or they're looking at restaurants, high propensity that that person has already booked their trip, so exposing that person to a destination ad not really the most effective way to spend your money