The Most Exciting Top 10 Travel Destinations In 2019

What is on your travel wish list for 2019? Planet Earth is magnificent place – it is rich in natural wonder, man-made masterpiece and captivating wide life There is so much to see and do that It can be difficult to know what is the most worth your precious time and money

Worry not, however! Here are the most exciting top 10 places around the world to travel in 2019 by some of the world's elite experts Number Ten Galapagos Islands Galapagos Islands are the one of the most ecologically wondrous places on earth located in Ecuador A visit to the Galapagos Islands is like taking a trip to a real-life Jurassic park There are 19 main islands and plenty of unnamed smaller ones, among them only five are inhabited

Over millions of years, hundreds of species of plants, insects and animals that arrived here on the winds or on leaf rafts from mainland Ecuador so they have had to adapt to harsh volcanic environment and their transformation is literally the stuff of legends It really is fascinating destination for travelers who want to witness a true microcosm of evolution Number Nine Iceland If you are fan of beautiful sightseeing in any kind of capacity, you should make Iceland your very next stop

It's famous for its spectacular views of the aurora borealis, its majestic active volcanoes and its mountain ranges with colors so pure and plentiful they seem to be painted with watercolors When you run out of those breathe taking scenic diversions, there is also Iceland's native animals such as puffins and shaggy horses to observe You could also explore one of its short lived but incredibly beautiful ice caves and unusual rock formations Overall, if you are the kind of person who likes to see the Earth show off, then Iceland should definitely be your place to go Number Eight

Grand Canyon, Arizona The big attraction of Arizona's Grand Canyon National Park, which celebrates its 100th anniversary on February 26, 2019, attracts about 6 million visitors each year who come to marvel at its rocky red magnificence Wind, water and debris conspired over incomprehensible amount of time to deliver this massive, awe-inspiring geological relic If you ever want to feel the raw trans-formative power of the earth, simply take a ride to the bottom of the Grand Canyon or visit the rim a dawn or dusk The photos just can show real beauty of these places Number Seven Giza Egypt Following years of instability after the Arab Spring uprising of 2011, there has seen a resurgence in the world travelers booking travel to Egypt, due to tour operators returning to the region and relative safety for tourists in the capital, Cairo

While there is more than enough culture in Egypt's third largest city to keep the average tourist thrilled, the big draw belongs to the area's ancient towering pyramids More than just massive stone structures, these grave sites demonstrated a grasp of math, science and engineering that seems impossible for the people living at that time The pyramids, the Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings, they are all gorgeous architectural accomplishments that must be seen in person to be truly appreciated and with the new grand Egyptian Museum set to open in early 2019, displaying tens of thousands of priceless artifacts of the Pharaohs, now is definitely the time to go Number Six Angkor Wat, Cambodia Built more than thousand years ago Angkor Wat is considered by many to be the most important archaeological find of modern times

Originally built as a shrine to the Hindu god Vishnu Angkor Wat or "Temple City" as its translated has been used as a Buddhist temple for most of its existence Sprawling across more than 240 square km, Angkor Wat is a collection of temples unique on the face of the earth The magical location is still visited by holy man and simple stroll through the silent grounds is more than enough to see why Number Five South Korea Call it the Hallyu wave that has seen South Korea expert its pop culture to the world via K-pop and K-beauty or simply its intriguing cuisine, history and city sights, but this Asian nation is definitely having a moment with high percentage of travelers these years

Seoul is a must visit location for temples, markets and cutting edge trends while Busan South Korea's second-largest city was named by many visitor's Best in Asia destination for 2018 Number Four Japan With increased competition and more direct services than ever to a range of Japanese cities with popular Airways, It's never been cheaper to visit Japan before Once a seasonal destination, Japan is now a year-round hotspot that has surged in popularity over the past few years

With the nation hosting the Rugby World Cup in 2019 and 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, you can expect to see some major promotion of all Japan has to offer next year Number Three Sri Lanka Sri Lanka bookings continue the upward trend in 2019 With Sri Lankan airline's commencing direct services around the world last year, we predict this Island Oasis will be even more popular in 2019 Not only is the island fascinating from touring perspective, thanks to Intrepid Travel, world-class international resorts are opening up untouched areas of the island and Flight Center anticipates many people will flock there for a change from Bali and Thailand Number Two

Turkey Flight Center has seen passenger bookings to turkey rise by almost 50% in 2018 for its Eastern Europe-meets-Western Asia appeal From Ottoman history to ancient ruins and from beautiful beaches to cosmopolitan cities, Turkey is Europe's hidden gem And with Istanbul Airport said to be the world's largest airport when it opens later this year, ideally positioned within an 11-hour flight of 80 percent of the world's population, this will really put Turkey on the map Number One United Arab Emirates With large number of passengers booking travel to the UAE in 2018, this region has seen the highest amount of growth

Fuelled by Emirates and Etihad Airways, offering flights where Dubai and Abu Dhabi respectively to many destinations in the United Kingdom and Europe from several countries, the UAE is fantastic stopover option for travelers Well, that's end of most fascinating top 10 travel destinations in 2019 If you enjoyed the video, don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe for more Thank you for watching! Bye for now!