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– I think your New Year's resolution should be getting the (beep) out of Dodge for a well-deserved vacation Hello internet, my name is Wil Fulton, and this is "Thrillist Travel Guide," where we not only teach you to be a better traveler, and in turn a better human being, we tell you where you should be going specifically whenever you feel those itching little pangs of wanderlust

The year is rapidly coming to a close which means two things: one, your grandma or at least someone's grandma is going to try to make you eat fruitcake, and two, you should totally be planning a January vacation Look, your vacation days should be restocked, everyone else is probably focused on going to the gym for a week or two – What are you doing? – I'm doing horizontal running – But most importantly, January is an excellent time to visit some of the world's most intriguing vacation spots, which we're about to lay out for you right now, obviously First stop, consider Québec City, Canada

I know what you're thinking, why would I willingly choose to venture up north to freeze my giblets off? And I get that Braving the cold in the middle of winter might not be for everyone, but if you have a solid jacket, or at least a usable pair of long johns, Québec City is like a snow globe with way more poutine Québec City has a distinctly European vibe, which is helped by the fact that everyone speaks French, and is basically like going to Europe while staying on this continent The locals here don't just embrace the cold weather, they squeeze all of the fun juice out There are live music festivals, outdoor showings of the legendary hockey flick Slap Shot, and, well, a lot of drinking, like a lot of drinking

The walled city of Québec might just be the best place to experience winter in North America It's a winter wonderland Pretty much If something tropical is a little more your speed, January is also an excellent time to visit Maui, Hawaii I mean, there really is no bad time to visit Hawaii, but the first month of the year might actually be the most ideal

Flights to Hawaii are finally getting reasonable, and January tends to have a bit of a lull after the tourist-heavy holiday season, so, you might have some of those beaches all to yourself And if you're a golfer, or you know, just a fan of drinking beer and watching people golf, the PGA Century Tournament of Champions descends upon the island the first week of January And that's if you need another excuse to visit, which you probably don't Now, if you really wanna get away, like the entire way around the planet, think about Melbourne, Australia You know, down under

Sorry, don't hold my horrible accent against Australia here January marks the first month of summer, and there are a ton of outdoor activities, including more than a few music festivals It's basically like you're experiencing a second summer with twice as many marsupials Melbourne is generally considered to be Australia's second city, behind Sydney, even though it's certainly a mecca of food, culture, and general Australian merriment And like Hawaii, there's generally a lull of tourism after the holidays, so, you probably won't be fighting off crowds

But perhaps, most importantly, the 26th of January happens to be National Australia Day which is the official national day of Australia It's a big party celebrating Australia I don't think you need me to connect the dots for you here, it's fun to experience OK, while these are three excellent vacation spots, there's so much more for you to enjoy in the first month of the year So, check out Thrillist Travel for more sterling winter destinations all over the world

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