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What happens Mamuchans good morning and if you are new, I am Lieles Yo Maria and we are Los Mamuchos and we love to live, love and travel and if you like it too subscribe now and give the bell to follow us on our adventures Last week we talked about the 4 steps to a successful pre-planning and we hope that you all have been able to see the questionnaire but if you did not, here is the link in the description The first part of the pre-planning is the destination and that's what we're going to see today yes, because destiny seems like it's something easy because we can all close our eyes and imagine the place where we want to be but the truth is it's much more than that Yes, totally For example, our most dreamed destination is Japan and of course we can buy the tickets and go but if we can not do the things we really want and what makes Japan a space place for us or it is difficult for us to get there then our dream can turn into a nightmare Of course, that's why it's important to review all the points Point number 1, is the desired place yes, and at this point, there are several options choose all that identify you and if you are doing it as a couple, you can have several options yes, it's sooo interesting to do it in couple I can put you in lios yes, because one of you can choose a site where zipline can be made and you may not like it, while the other decide that you have to go swimming with sharks go that

Point number 2, is the food Food is very important to us it can even dictate where we're going yes, definitely and it's very important that you be honest with yourself at this point because for many, food is important others may prefer the place more without thinking about food but it would be perfect if you could find a Shake Shaq in the jungle or a tapas bar yes, or a tapas bar Each person has their preferences some of us are more adventurous than others the important thing here is to know how far you can get The next point is the temperature When it comes to temperatures, we are strangers we do not like the heat and that my maternal family is from Las Carolinas and my paternal family of the Caribbean so logically I should like the heat, but not and I'm from Spain, and we all know we have the sun 350 days a year and temperatures can exceed 100 degrees Farenheit (38 degrees Celsius) and time is important for several reasons because they can stop you from doing certain things but at the same time it can incite you to other If I eat snowboarding or this I just learned ice fishing yes, I had no idea that that existed and all these things you can do when it's cold or aquatic motorcycling and throw yourself in the plane throwing yourself in the plane or jumping out of the plane? jump out of the plane skydiving if that parachuting or just sunbathing in warm places Now that we have seen the time the next thing is to understand the distances you want to travel and distances is very personal because we all have different circumstances in our lives yes, because you may want to go around the world and discover each corner but maybe by family, children or even health problems You have to travel nearby that must be considered And we already have the distance, so now the language for those who have been traveling with us You know I've been studying Spanish and I still do not get it but I like to learn and I try to talk whenever I can but not everyone has time or wants to learn a new language and nothing happens so languages ​​can be a barrier but it does not have to be it's more important how you take it There is technology that can help you like Google Translator or Babel, and so many resources at your fingertips to help with that barrier Now that we have reviewed all the points, it's time to look at the selection and choose a destination that goes with your choices if for example If I wanted, islands and beaches, eat all kinds of food, I love the heat (we know not) Distances are not a problem and speak English I can think of places like Belize, Bahamas or Hawaii ok, and let's say I choose tourist sites with all kinds of food spring time short distance to USA and that they speak the languages ​​that are I can think of Montreal, Mexico DF and any US state capital because I speak Spanish, French and English I like that So the goal is to find destinations give you everything you're looking for because I can go to a small town in Spain but the chances of them speaking English are few so it would be better if I stayed in the cities where more people speak English or I can commit English and go to a small town This exercise will help you confirm the sites you already had but it can also help you find new sites in some cases, you can leave your comfort zone and compromise some of your preferences Now, apply this exercise with 5 of your sites and see how they correspond or find out what it is you have to give in but also, try to find 5 new destinations that fits your points Yeah right if In the next video, we will see the second part, which is means of transport yes, means of transportation that will be in the next video give the "like" if you have enjoyed the video and it has helped you subscribe to travel more with us and the most important remember to live the life that you want want the life you live and travel The Mamuchos leave