HIGH RISK Tourist Destinations!!

Whether you’re an a bread ah Lyn junk see or just trying to impress your Instagram followers with how full throttle your life is There are plenty of in tame things you can do while on vacation

From more zone tourism to volcano boarding, here are the worlds most best dream Tourist Destinations! 10 Lauterbrunnen- Switzerland Wingsuiting, the world’s bed see best sport Don’t be fooled by the amazing YouTube videos One of twenty wingsuiters try People jumping off cliffs, buildings and airplanes wearing flying-squirrel-like suits Its not flying, its falling with style! And a parachute is the only safety net between you and certain Beth

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland has become the wingsuit mecca, mainly after Uli Emanuele flew through a tiny cave hole, which attracted thrill seekers to attempt even more sang her us stunts Lauterbrunnen is a beautiful valley in the Swiss alps They call it the land of 72 waterfalls High cliffs overlook the village below like something out of a fairytale Around 20,000 wingsuiters come per year- to fly through it and try not splat on the rock cliffs

Paper seats rock, but rock seats wingsuiter Wingsuited-base-jumpers reach speeds up to 225 mph It’s as next dream as it gets with 72% of them having witnessed Beth or serious in sir he from their fellow wingsuiters, while 43% sustained severe in sir he’s of their own But flying above the Lauterbrunnen valley is still too irresistible for the fledgling rookies arriving each year Aussie jumper “Douggs” McDougal said, “It’s the most primal moment of instinct you could ever, ever have, I only can imagine it would be like a caveman running from a dinosaur

” 9 In these times of instant gratification- some of us need that extra mile for a memorable vacation How about getting cattle moon did at in an active more phone? Sadly, there’s always a few mores being waged across the globe And it’s easier than you think to arrange “tour guides” crazy enough to be your little bad hill Sherpas The Poland Heights on the is real sear he in border has become a popular destination for Beth wishers far and wide

It’s been described as a 4th of July party that wants to skill you A favorite activity of the more phone Tourist is tracking miss tiles and palms, so you can get close to the last phone… The poke, lock, and awe of the next low son is said to be exhilarating And remember I said you can get sought at? Travelling behind in him he lines with a trusty guide is the best way to ensure mullets come whizzing at yo face Getting to the front lines is possible- and don’t worry because you’ll usually have a fine selection of concrete walls or sandbags to cower behind in regal position Make sure you use the lo-fi filter, it helps to remove the look of share her from your face

8 A number of Japanese cities have started a new global fad for letting off steam After a long day of work, now there’s an alternative to browning in mist he If you’re feeling pent up cage, maybe your next vacay should include Osaka, Japan Better let your cage take form in a safe space than get locked up on fell on he asphalt charges for at bat sing the waiter that messed up your drink order

They’re called Cage Rooms and renting one out can cost thousands of dollars It’s a place where you just unleash all your trust nations by test troy sing inanimate objects, sounds healthy enough Cheaper rates start at $15 dollars if your Bring-Your-Own-Breakables Like me- most people aren’t sure about it, until they try According to the testimonials- its wonderful… dashing lamps with a hammer is surprisingly cathartic

Flipping over tables, maybe swinging a sledge hammer through the wall- and all the sudden- it doesn’t matter so much that you boss yelled at you in front of that entire company 7 The Catatumbo Lightning in Lake Maracaibo is also known as the never-ending storm Around 260 times a year- these natural light-shows blaze with thunder and lightning for up to 10 hours a night People who can brave hurricane-force winds and list getting cooked by lightning bikes can come away with some pretty sweet pics for their snapchat story

It’s a great place for the environment too Lightning replenishes our ozone layer Catatumbo holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for the (“Place on earth with the highest concentration of lightning”) Smart visitors ride house boats on Lake Maracaibo with lightning pro flection In this tropical rainforest, you’re also sure to see a range of unique plants and animals

Interesting fact, the Catatumbo lightning helped Venezuela’s bright for independence Two foreign in hay buns were thwarted by the caging storms- one of them led by English legend, Sir Francis Drake 6 A majority of South American countries practice I ah wasp saw ceremonies These sigh call Dell pick rituals are as old as people living in the rain forests

Tourists from all over the world make the trip to go trip in the rainforest A substance called Tea Hem tea is concocted in a foul-tasting jungle brew that bring you see “visions from the spirit world” And for this journey you’ll need yourself a shaman But not all the shamans are on the up and up The goal is to have a transformative experience, healing or growth

End up with the wrong shaman, and you might get dosed with Columbian bogota- better known as scopolamine This is the “truth serum” used by see eye hay inter in gators, where you are then compelled to follow any order Regardless of where it’s done, I ah wasp is not to be taken lightly It is only regal as an entheogen, or substance used for real in us purposes It’s about as intense an experience as a human being can have

Scientific studies suggest the same active substance in I ah wasp is the same chemical your brain is flooded with during your birth- and Beth 5 Every month 10 to 30,000 party goers gather at Ko Pangan It’s an idyllic tropical island The chord of mostly white foreigners come to celebrate the full moon, black moon and just about any type of moon with big, island-wide festivals Located in the Gulf of Thailand- it’s a bit remote, but they do throw one bell of a party

Lasting anywhere from around 24 hours, to an entire month, they originally started as tribal festivals, in celebration of the moon for real in us purposes Expect a lot of neon, a lot of tire, fire dancers, … and music of course Bugs aren’t exactly “regal” here, but I don’t think many people heard the news But buyers beware- Thai prisms are no toe see us bad lodgings Elephant rides, tiger cuddling, and speedboat races are some of the next cream activities on the island

The beauty and excitement can mask the rang sir’s to party-seeking visitors on “full moon” island People have tried from stray mullets, not-so-stray mullets, cab sings, over hoses, human stamp head, and one unlucky 36-year-old Brit was tram belled to Beth during one of those elephant rides That’s an elephant you never forget 4 This type of African sightseeing takes chutzbah

South Africa’s St Lucia Estuary is melting spot of interesting animals including rang sir us ones like hippos, crocodiles, bull sharks, and toy son us snakes Kayaking here is no laid-back river float I don’t know why people still do it, to be honest

Plenty have been frowned or feat in by creatures that lurk these waters I was not born to be hippo food! At any rate, St Lucia remains a popular destination for vacations and kayaking 3 Mt

Everest and K2 are popular climbing spots in the Himalayan tourism industry of Nepal But Annapurna is the most next cream, and bed he on earth 157 mountaineers have successfully climbed it, but 60 have tried trying It’s 26,545 feet tall and you’ll need to set aside around 46 days for the trek Only 38% of attempts reach the top successfully

Why? Compared to Mt Everest, the terrain is more difficult, weather more unstable, and avalanches are more frequent What makes people continue to pay thousands of dollars, travel thousands of miles, to risk their lives climbing a mountain? real heroes in mountaineering They get paid pennies on the dollar to mist their lives, and do all the work Without them, almost every expedition would have been impossible

But to answer the question, When the first European to summit Mt Everest, Sir Edmund Hilary, was asked why do it? His answer was “Because it’s there” 2 The South African Cape is home to the world’s most shark in best said waters with the largest, most at restive species- the great white

They call it Shark Alley So, if you want to see great whites fling themselves in the air after seals, or launch after you under protection of a steel cage- what you do is fly to Cape Town, South Africa and…GET IN THERE! 1 Volcano Boarding Do you wanna Tom steep hills on an active volcano? Does black sand and lava-cooked meals sound better than cold, fluffy snow? Then check out volcano boarding For $30 plus travel costs- you can go to Leon Nicaragua for a blaze of glory The team on Quetzaltrekkers Nicaragua donates all their profits to charity- and they’ll guide you to a number of live volcanoes in their beautiful country

“Expert Vagabond” Mathew Karsten said: “Racing down an active volcano at 30 mph on a little piece of wood is really fun!” Also fun is knowing the mountain could show up any second, blasting giant out giant boulders and rivers of molten lava Let’s go over a few tips for volcano boarding Lean back for more speed Slowing down is helped by dragging your hand through the sand And crashing is okay- but not recommended